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Bogus contacts created

We are getting a rash of contacts added to our site. Almost all of them have bogus phone numbers - such as (825) 821-96141
A LOT of them come in with the domain name of

Is there a way to validate phone numbers?

I will continue to delete all .ru, .hk and other non-NorthAmerica email addresses.

I get lots of bogus contacts too at an ever increasing rate. I’d rather not obviously, and I’m surprised that they pass with the phone numbers they enter, but I’m kind of grateful that if they do have to slip through that the phone number calls it out as totally bogus and I delete.

I wonder if the lack of phone number validation has to do with the fact that there are so many different ways people prefer to format them? Dashes/no dashes, periods, parentheses, etc.

But then again, a simple 10-digit check for North America would do. As long as it has 10 numeric characters, regardless of spaces, hyphens or parenthesis would work.

Today i had a couple folks from .RU domains - with names in Cyrillic

For any of you that are interested in just how many bogus contacts you are getting, one common domain name used is

Go do a search of your contacts with nothing more than in the search field (email).

You’ll be amazed!

I am! “No Contacts Found.” :wink: