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Button for link on emails


Can someone remind me what html to use to have a “button” with a link on an email?

I just went to a WineDirect training where someone said to keep a “library” of these, but I am not sure that I really understand.

Thank you for yout help.


Hi Betty! You can do CSS buttons using a tool like this:

Or you can always use images.

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Thank you, Ed,

This looks great. I’ll give it a try.


Thanks Ed but how do you get to link to an email rather than an a web page?

Hi Suzanne! You can’t really link to an email in somebody’s inbox, but you can link to a hosted version of an email. If you are using an email service like Mailchimp, you can generally set it up to post a hosted version and you can link to that.

Hi Ed, thanks for the speedy reply. Sorry, what I meant is in WineDirect email documents you have the option to hyperlink text to send an email rather than hyperlink to a URL. I’m just wondering if you can do that with button text?
WD’s email templates have a field for ‘button text’ and ‘button link’ but I cant find any info in documentation on how the ‘Button link’ field works. Feel like I’m missing something really basic!

I think I got ya. So you want to click on button and initiate an email. You can definitely do that. Instead of a website URL, you would put in something like:

So just find the part of the button you have a website address and replace it with that. You can even prefill things like the subject line:

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Thanks Ed, you’re awesome !

You’re awesome, Suzanne!