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Couples in the same Wine Club Membership

Is there a way to add a second name to the Wine Club Membership? If not, how is the best way to set the WC to a couple? I get a lot of forms with Sarah & John Smith, for example, but sometimes the last names are different, which turns it tricky. It would be great to know how other businesses deal with this situation. Thanks =)

There’s not a great way of doing this, as you described. You can either:

  1. Tell them that only one name can be on an account/membership.

  2. Include both names, like you described, which gets messy with couples with different surnames.

With either option, you can add an additional email address for things like receipts and notifications. Just note that it doesn’t mean they will have two different logins.

Honestly, I haven’t seen a lot of systems outside of WineDirect handle this scenario very well either.

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What Ed said, plus I usually add a customer flag to clarify.

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I know its messy, but I like to see
First Name Sarah & John
Last Name Smith & Brown

that way when you search up a last name, you will get it.
I also put a flag on the account if it gets too confusing, but you canno search lastname on flags.

I do a similar thing.
First Name: Tom & Jerry
Last Name: Doe / Fawn

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