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How to use Carrots to Promote Larger Orders and Provide Product Recommendations

Hello WineDirect Community!

The WineDirect Carrots feature allows you to display messaging tailored a certain scenario. There are two main ways to use Carrots, first is on the Website and second in the POS/Admin Panel for internal messages. Effective use of Carrots will help you see increased conversion and average order size on your Website and Tasting Room. In this post, I’ll share a couple common Carrots setups and describe the scenarios it can help enhance.

Carrots in Website

Customers browsing through your website may not be aware of the different promotions you have available. Quantity Discounts like “Free Shipping on 6 Bottles or more” can help entice customers to add items to their cart to qualify for an appealing discount. The key is to provide this information at the right time to the right customer and Carrots can help you do that. Enable the “Free Shipping on 6 Bottles” Carrot under Quick Configure like so:

And have a message appear when the following criteria are met:

We recommend creating a similar Carrot for all your Quantity based discounts. For example, if you have a promo for “15% off Case Purchases” or “20% off your Purchase of $200 or More”, you can configure a similar Carrot that displays a message when the following criterias are met:

Make sure to adjust the Web Message accordingly to the Promo you are advertising to clearly state what the customer needs to do to get the Discount.

You can display images in the Web Message field. So if you want something more eye-catching than just text to promote your discounts, you can add an image as well. For example:

Carrots in Tasting Room

Your tasting room staff can also benefit from some timely messaging. You can use the Carrot tool to provide your staff with context about a customer and how to best upsell or create a superior customer experience. A useful way to use the Carrot feature is for recommendations.

In the Customer Information section, there is a field for “Product SKUs Purchased” and “Product SKUs NOT Purchased”. You can utilize these two fields to create Carrots that helps recommend related Products. For example, say you have been selling the 2017 Chardonnay and just started selling 2018 Chardonnay. You can create a Carrot to display a message when the following criteria are met:

A message should be added in the “POS & Admin Message” field informing the tasting room staff, which should lead him/her to ask how the customer enjoyed the 2017 Chardonnay and if they would like to try out the latest vintage. You can do this for similar tasting products as well, even if they are different varietals. This should help your staff provide better Product recommendations and your customers will appreciate the personalized interaction.

For more general information about Carrots and how they work, please check out:

Hope this was helpful for you! Do you use Carrots? If so, how are you using it and how effective has it been for you? Share your thoughts and ideas; we’d love to hear more about Carrot usage from the WineDirect Community!


I love carrots and everyone who had anything to do with adding them into the platform. However, it’s love/hate because I hate offering free shipping on 12+ event tickets!

My favorite usages have been adding cold packs to cart through carrots and playing around with carrots and one click offers.


Thanks for the comment @tsartoris! I’ll communicate this feedback to our team, for the ability to restrict certain SKUs from the Quantity count for Carrots :slight_smile:

Great suggestion on encouraging customers to add a Cold Pack to their order in the summer months using Carrots. Combining Carrots and One Click Offer is also an interesting approach, if you find a good use-case, I’d love to hear about how you are implementing it!

Is there a reason carrots cannot have a department added so you don’t have to list 10000 skus just to eliminate BTG, event tix, etc ? I want to remind staff to upsell for a case discount, but I do not want it to show up when a group buys 6 BTGS or event tix or cheese trays… Help! Thanks!