Order classifications Held vs. Pending

So I am having inventory issues again and I think it may have something to do with how orders are completed. Sometimes an order will have been closed out (paid for and completed) Only later to find it is stuck in pending. Sometimes orders that were lost before closing out we re ring and just disregard the lost one…those can also end up as pending or sometimes can be found under hold on the order manager. What is the difference between how an order ends up as pending vs. hold. What causes this?

Also, we have recently had situations where we run a report the orders report under sales for pending orders, will see a list of pending ( and do nothing to push it through). Then if we run the list again the orders we just saw will disappear. How does this happen?

I am going crazy here so I really appreciate the help!

Hi Tanya,
From what I have seen, this is the scoop. If someone adds an order in the admin panel or pos and don’t complete the order it will just hover there and show as pending. This will also happen if a website order is an “abandoned cart”. They are not completed orders. They don’t go away, they just stay in the system because there is an order # attached to it. The only thing we do with pending orders is to see if a customer on the website had an issue with completing their order so we contact them to see if they need assistance.

Orders on hold are orders that someone has input in the admin panel or pos but didn’t complete the order and specifically selected to put the order on hold. The only time we put orders on hold is if we are inputting the order and realize that we need to go out of the order to get more info or if we find the credit card isn’t on file-something that we are going to go back in and complete.

Neither of these order functions take the wine out of inventory. That doesn’t happen until an order is complete. I hope that was helpful.

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