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Slow login


Hi. Is anyone else experiencing a really slow login and reports page? Our internet is performing well on all other sites we use, however when we try to login to Wine Direct we are waiting 30+ seconds. It is the same when we select reports, and sometimes that wont even load. We have been experiencing this for over a month now.


Yes it’s abysmal. Sometimes it just tries to keep loading and nothing happens.


Hi everyone,

We are really sorry for the POS performance issue you’re experiencing and improving POS stability a top priority item for us. I was able to get some details on what we are doing about the POS lockups you experienced recently from the development team.

What we are doing now:

We have identified a bug that caused a lockup in our database. With a long weekend for us coming up and then Presidents day weekend for you, we want to make sure this particular issue can’t happen again. We’ve moved this to a Sev1 state (highest priority) and our team has pushed up a fix for those bugs this morning. Keep in mind, there may be other bugs and this doesn’t fully eliminate the possibility of all POS outages - however it should greatly reduce it since it has been the most common cause.

What we are doing long term:

We’re also currently testing POS optimizations which will lower the memory usage across all of our servers. This was not the root cause of the issues recently, but important to note for our continued efforts to improve the POS.

Sorry again for the difficulties and thank you for your understanding


Sorry, i should have been more specific. This is when i log into the Admin panel, rather than the POS. Don’t get me wrong, the POS isn’t lightning fast, but the Admin panel is shocking at the moment.

Great to hear about the POS improvements coming our way.