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Suggestions for WineDirect

I have forgotten where we are to send suggestions for WineDirect.

We are considering other software because of certain limitations of WineDirect, but if WineDirect could fix a few things that they would be the best choice for us.


Curious what is at the top of your feature list that has you looking elsewhere?



The top reason for my son wanting to switch is keeping inventory straight with multiple locations. We have three tasting rooms for sales and wine club shipment pickups.

The second reason would be to get more data into Quick Books Online. We can get daily sales in one big chunk for credit card and cash, but it is harder to get it separated out by location. Also getting the actual sale price for a SKU would be nice.

I am not really clear on those two needs since my son takes care of those items for our winery and not me. But as he was looking at other software what I liked was how lovely the user choice looked on the web site with another software company. For me it would be great if the user choice was easier to set up. We only allow it for our top level club because it is so time consuming.

Looking forward to the WineDirect webinar next week to see what changes are coming.

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Thanks @rmcguire for recommending, as we review those weekly and follow-up with all the people interested in each idea! @TexasGrapes1 I’d like to understand more about how you’d like to integrate QB Online with WineDirect as we do have partners that could assist; and User Choice is a very high priority for us as well! I’ll email you separately to discuss