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Targeted Action Emails for Club Members

Hi there,

Our wine club is reaching the year mark which means subscribers who paid for the year in full will be automatically cancelled. While I would like to reach out to each subscriber personally to discuss their renewal vs expiration, I think an automated action email would be best long term. I was going to use the “Anniversary” action email template to reach out to these subscribers, but as far as I know you can’t filter this email by who pays monthly and who paid for the year in full. I believe you can create a list in the list builder, but then it wouldn’t be an automated email. Does anyone have any suggested for a targeted automated email, is this possible? Or other suggestions for annual subscriber outreach and retention? Your help is greatly appreciated!

There’s probably a better way of doing this if you use an integration with a platform like Mailchimp. As for Action Emails, WineDirect hasn’t made any fundamental updates since 2015, so I suspect this is not a feature they will add.