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The Feature Request du Jour Thread


It would be nice since you cannot use the same COUPON CODE in two separate promos, if the system actually prevented you from submitting a new promo with an existing coupon code. As it, all feels great until someone tries to use it. When two promos exist with the same coupon code, neither one works.

Or, better yet, make multiple promos allow the same coupon code again.
Example: Buy 1+ you get x. Buy 2+ you get x and y. Type code gimmexANDy! during checkout!
When you type it, they are both looked at for their criteria, and if coupled, both can be applied.


Is there no way to make these emails more informative?

  1. I have to look up which winery they’re texting by using the phone number they sent it to.
  2. I have to look up THEIR phone number in order to determine who is sending the text.
  3. Looking up phone numbers in Vin65 contacts is not very easy since there’s no standard formatting of phone numbers happening. It might be in there as 719482xxxx or (719-482$-xxxx), etc.

Can’t it be smart enough to tell me which kiosk they’re sending it to (as the website name for example), and know which customer owns the ‘from phone number’?


I’ve been asking for this from day one on text messaging. I don’t understand why we can’t have a simple reply function with this info available.


Maybe this has been in here before but I’m putting in a feature request for the note for an order to populate on the main order panel. Ie., a future ship date hasn’t been put in before the order is processed, then I get a note from someone saying, please ship that order after x date. So I put it in the notes, but if someone doesn’t look for the note, they wil not know. Since we can’t change the future ship date in the order after it’s processed, can the notes section show up on the main panel so it doesn’t get missed, or even better a box that says “show this note on order panel” so that you can choose to have it there, or not. Thank you.


Is this what you are looking for? In the Notes tab, set as a flag…

And it shows up on the General tab:

03 AM


That’s definitely a thing I had forgotten, but still not sure that someone will look through rather than just ship when the next fulfilments are done. Thanks Jeff. You’re always right on the replies. What would we do without you?


About all I can suggest is to somehow enforce a “review order on vin65” step in your fulfillment workflow. At least a flag will show up right away…


Thanks Jeff, the flags are helping. I had not used that regularly, now it’s my go to and since I’m pretty much doing all of the processing and fulfillment WSNs, it’s good for now.

Since i know you follow the replies, in this last club run we have had so many custom changes. I would like to know if you set up each custom order as a new club shipment, or do you just revise each customer’s order in the club shipment that they are in. Do you know what I mean? I have this fear that if I revise the individual’s order, it saves it. So I noticed when I had a declined card, their order had changed to the last customer’s custom order. Again, boy do I wish we had a best practice section from the veterans of Vin65.


@elizabeth would you please start a new thread and repost the question? No one will find it here.


I would love if there were a setting available when ‘uses inventory sync’ is on, for it to auto-active the product when qty > 0. For example I set up a product in advance and tell the system to activate it once there is some ready for fulfillment. But I wouldn’t want it to ALWAYS do that, I’d want to have a checkbox for “Active when qty > 0?”.


I just noticed while processing my bigger club this month that there is an inventory quirk in club processing. The inventory pool you select it to pull from ONLY works on the wines loaded into the shipment. So if you edit any individual orders (we have two small “special request” clubs that happen right now too) any added wines in this area will pull from whatever your overall default inventory pool is. For example, our shipment is Wine A and Wine B. Special club member Bob wants Wines A, B and 10 bottles of Wine C to make it a case. Wines A and B will pull from my wine club inventory pool chosen for club processing, but the 10 bottles of Wine C will pull from tasting room inventory. Feature request submitted to have ANY wines rung up in club processing pull from the chosen inventory pool.


This has been an issue for us as well. We have been told the system will revert to the “default” inventory pool. Our processes have been updated, but we still miss a few.