"Thank You For Your Order" - page URL for Analytics Goal


While I have started up a ticket since I cannot find this, I thought I’d reach out to the community.

For the simplest Goal in Google Analytics, a URL is required. In the case of “order complete”, I’m having trouble tracking down whether there is a discrete URL for “Thank You For Your Order”.

Is this a vin65 component or resource bundle? I’m not finding it anywhere.

In time, I’d probably like to brand it as well, but that’s not my short-term need.

Thanks for any help.

For us, they show up as:

/index.cfm?method=checkout.receipt in Google Analytics.

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Thanks Ryan!

Just updating this for v2 checkout users. “/index.cfm?method=checkoutV2Review.viewReceipt” with the setting “begins with” should work


how to check if we are using v2 checkout users? I have the same problem. I need the thank you page for the fb purchase tracking.

If you are using v2 checkout, you will see it enabled in the Checkout Design tab in the settings area.