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User Choice: Specific Limitations on Wines Selection

I am setting up our user choice clubs and need a specific limitation that I do not see available within user choice.

For example: Members in our 4 bottle club can customize what wines they would like as long as they choose a minimum of 3 red wines.

I’m wondering if there is a setting within user choice so that members have to choose a minimum number of red wines but are not limited after that to the number of red or white wines they would like to add on to their club shipment.

I think to make this setting/limitation possible the “Wine Type” can be used as another advanced setting option within user choice. Then when I set user choice up, I can put a minimum on the number of “red blend” wine types that they can put in their shipment. I understand that there is a minimum function for each specific product, but that will not work for us, as we need a broader setting for red blends versus white blends.

Hoping to eliminate having to manually update club member shipments!

That setting doesn’t exist. You could use bundles and other minimums, but they will come with compromises. Is there a reason members have to take a red wine minimum?

This is currently the way that all of our clubs are set up.

  • 4 bottle club: has a limitation to 3 red and 1 white wine or they can have have all reds and add whites to their order after

Our 6 and case club have similar restrictions to how many red and white wines can be in their order.