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Content Block in Calendar Event

Is there a way to insert a content block into a calendar event? We have live music almost every Saturday. We have a few regular musicians that play. I wanted to make a content block for each musician with a picture, bio and links to their pages. This way, I could just insert the appropriate content block for each artist when they are playing. However, the “Description” editor in the event set up does not allow for content block insertion. I even attempted to manually add it in the source code, but it wouldn’t work.

I guess I could always save the source code for each artist in a notepad file and copy & paste. I just wanted to keep it all in the system if I can.

Am I overlooking something? Any suggestions?

I know the problem. I gave up and just made my calendars regular content.

Yeah, there doesn’t seem to be any way of using content blocks that I can find. However, I realized that I can set each artist as an “event” and just deactivate and/or change the dates as needed.