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How to make repeat events on the calendar

I want to be able to put ex: Friday Happy Hour_ on the block style calendar on multiple days and have all of them click to the description, without having to make a whole new component

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That would be nice. An event importer like product importer would help. At least as you add each event one by one you can set the Link To to go to the same page. Hopefully that works like it should on the block style calendar?

I’ve started leaning towards just using regular content pages for presenting events.

the nice thing about using regular content pages is that you can make them appear in the drop down menu from the calendar link on the menu bar

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Just in case this is helpful at all, you can always add something to the main navigation by creating a content editor page in the right place and in the ‘page properties’ you can set it up to redirect. (for example you can do this for an event that is in the event component and not a content editor page)


OK, put me in that “Me too” list.

OK - I have a work-around. For me, it seems to work well. I am testing embedding a public google calendar on the page. I can create repeat events. I can block out months for art shows that we host. Moving musicians around is as easy as a click and drag. I can link back to our website for more detailed information as needed.

Please see this:

Hi there!! I would love to follow your lead on this embedded google calendar. How is it working for you??? THis seams like the perfect work around.

Hello Jonathan - sorry for the long delay. The embedded google calendar works really very well. Also, our local town newspaper links to our calendar to publish our events in their event calendar that they print.