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Customizing Quickview and Product Group layouts

Hi @carson.bain, @carisen, @Andrea — I’m working on a redesign instance that will be going live soon. I’d like custom Quickview and Product Group layouts parsed for me in both the redesign instance and on the client’s live site (so the templates are ready to go, their old design doesn’t use either). I have .htm files ready for parsing, or I can switch the v65 tags to CF for you? Whatever the WD team wants to make this easy and fast.

I would just start a support ticket, but I know those often go to general support first and have to move up a chain, and I’m hoping to cheat a little. :sweat_smile:

Hey @lindsay.hearst!

Yeah we can definitely get those Quickview and Product group custom layouts up there no problem. If you are able to convert them to CF ahead of time that will make things a little faster.

I’ve sent you a message with my work email address, feel free to send them over there and we’ll get the files up there asap.

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Thanks, @brennan! I got your email, I’ll get back to you as soon as I can — lots of projects today …!!! :crazy_face: