Different Club List Components

Is this a way to build different club component lists? I was to be able to have different lists that I can add to the website as needed. Example being list of Clubs that pickup in Woodinville vs list of clubs that pickup in Prosser on different pages of the website.

An options for this?


I am having the same issue. Was there ever a resolution for this?
Thanks, Maddie

While there isn’t a way to split out your clubs to display in different lists, you can achieve this by manually adding text and a button for each club to your website pages - all you need is your club’s marketing URL and some code to make a button:

  1. Under Store > Club List > select your club, scroll down to the Marketing section and save the URL.

  2. In the Content Editor, go to the page that you want your clubs to display on, add in any information about your club, click Source and paste the code below, replacing URL Here, with your club’s URL.

<a class="linkBtn" href="URL Here"><span>Join Now</span></a>

While you have to manually add in your club title, teaser, and keep the club link up to date (if you ever change it), this will allow you to be able to display them however you’d like.