How do I get to Old Reports?

My Inventory Sold report is still broken. The old version worked.

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Welcome to WineDirect Reports! One year since launching, our new reporting tools are shinier than ever. Apprehensive about modernizing? Use our old reports for the time being.

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Hey @ElJefe , sorry to hear about that. We just deployed a hotfix that should address an issue across all reports. Could you check if it works now? I just confirmed that the Inventory Sold report is downloadable on production.

No luck. I made sure to log out/in before trying. I also tried a different browser because cookies.

Ah. They moved the cheese. Thanks!

Thanks for checking @ElJefe, do you mind sending me the following information via

  1. Link to the saved report (if saved)
  2. Website / winery used.
  3. Any filter or column customizations

If I can reproduce the issue, I’ll begin working on a fix ASAP. Thanks again!