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Reports not working

We have been unable to export reports for the last couple of days. This happened a couple of weeks ago as well. We’ve tried all browsers and on different systems.

Has anyone figured out a workaround?

Reports are working normally for me. I’d suggest contacting support ( to investigate further.

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Are they just not working or are you getting the banner message that the servers are overwhelmed and to try again later (or try again in 3 minutes)?

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We have ongoing problems with Reports not working especially the POS End of Day. When they do work they are very slow or they won’t upload as an excel. It’s super frustrating. I’ve been told they are working on this, but I think for the money paid we should have a timeline as to when this should be rectified & that it should be in the near future.


We have also been experiencing intermittent report running issues. It says to try back in 3 mins but that doesn’t work either.