Minimum purchase to join wine club?

When someone joins our wine club in our tasting room they are required to make a two-bottle purchase to activate their membership. Is there any way to set up the same requirement when someone joins online? We would like to have a consistent policy for memberships.

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We deal with this a lot too. People are able to create an account and “join the club” online but aren’t required to make the initial purchase. We cannot begin to allow them to take advantage of their “perks” until they have made the first purchase. Many members are under the impression they are already in the club and haven’t made a qualifying purchase. It would be nice if it was a requirement for them to purchase “x” bottles to meet whatever requirements are set to join the club.

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If there’s no way to set it up now I’ll add it as a feature request at that website, I was just hoping that this was common enough practice in the industry to already exist.

Hi @hdavis & @chefgro - Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Please feel free to share this suggestion with our Product team via the WineDirect Ideas board. You’re also welcome to cast your vote on other topics your winery finds important:

@chefgro I’ve posted the request in WineDirect Ideas, if anyone else wants to see this please vote for it.

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I think there’s kind of a way to do this - If you have a user choice club season that is active and viewable online, you can set the club season to have a certain minimum quantity of bottles required.

I could be mistaken but I think that the customer will be required to commit to those bottles before continuing their club signup online. Then you can just process their club order and move on with them as a member.

We don’t have a user’s choice club, at least for now. @carly.imhof would this work for people who do?

Hi @hdavis - I think what @danjimerson is describing will be for a 2 bottle minimum on their first club shipment, not a 2 bottle minimum (all sales channel) before the Club Membership is active. Unfortunately, the User Choice path is unlikely to solve your need.

Thanks @carisen, I assumed that since someone from the WineDirect team was recommending that I post it as a feature request there probably wasn’t a good workaround, but I was still hoping.


Although there isn’t a clear cut solution to do this, there are a few ways that you can have the minimum purchase requirement met.

The first approach would be through the use of welcome packages in the club. In the welcome package, you can preselect wines that you would like to have charged to the club members account upon joining the club. A couple things to note about welcome packages are that if for the bottle minimums requirement, you would like to provide your club members with the option to select any bottles of their choosing, this will not allow for that as you will configure this ahead of time. Furthermore, if you have an existing client who has already purchased several bottles of wine and they sign up for a club with the welcome package configured, they will still be charged for the welcome package. So if you want to give your club members the option to choose what bottles they buy and waive the minimum for customers who have already purchased more than the required amount, then this probably would not work for you.

There is also another way to do this, but would require some work for those responsible for monitoring wine club signups. The other solution would be to have two versions of a club, one for signups, which would be charged for the minimum following their signup and one for the club processing batches you would run on an ongoing basis. The way this would work is that a new club member would sign up on the website, which would then send a new wine club signup notification for that person to your wine club staff. You could then put them into a batch for the minimum bottle requirement to charge them for those bottles and after processing them there, you would change their membership to the one that they would be processed in on an ongoing basis and would also give them the applicable discount. If the person who signs up already has purchase history that meets/exceeds the minimum requirement, you can add them to the proper club tier without processing them by switching the membership type within the existing membership.