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Problem with creating product bundle

Is anyone having issues when creating a product bundle? There is a pink line at the top of the entry screen with an “x” at the right - when I click on that it disappears, but I can’t make the bundle active.

I get that too. There’s a display issue that I haven’t bothered to complain about.

It’s trying to tell you that you need to add at least one product to the bundle before you can make it active.

Thank you! I just discovered it.

I realize this thread is from 2016, but I am trying to create a bundle and when I click on the Add Products to Bundle button, it jumps back up to the top of the page with the red error bar saying I need to add at least 1 SKU to the bundle to activate. I have saved all the general info I need, just trying to get products on this bundle, but can’t seem to accomplish that. According to the documentation and video, I have done everything right leading up to adding products. Please help! Trying to launch this for our tasting rooms this weekend. Thanks!

Hi @maddier - you should be able to Activate Bundle SKUs once you add Products to the Bundle like so:

Can you try to log out and log back in and try again to see if the issues persists? If so, can you send over details of the Product Bundle you are struggling with to We would be happy to help!

Thank you, Carisen. You’re always so responsive and helpful. I was unable to add any SKU’s. The pop up window never came up. Logging out entirely and back in again did the trick, however! I finally have the pop up window where I can select products. Thank You!

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