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Reroute customer after login

Hi there,

Currently, if a customer logs into our site (using the standard widget), they are logged in and dropped on the back onto the page they were last on. Is there a way to have the login action take them to a specific page (like a members area/dashboard) instead?

thanks in advance for any pointers.


I think this might be the ticket:

   $('#v65-loginForm').find('[name="referrerQueryString"]').attr('value', 'NEW PAGE URL');
   $('#user-tools').find('[v65js="modalLoginLink"]').attr('referrerquerystring', 'NEW PAGE URL');
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The way I’ve been able to partially achieve this for system pages usually within the member profile pages (i.e. Member Club List) is by combing your URL with the the system redirect links.

  1. Your root URL. (i.e.
  2. Thereafter extracting the ‘Redirect’ link under (again for system pages) bby naviagting to Content Editor>Page Properties> General Tab and putting the redirect at the end of the URL (e.g. /index.cfm?method=memberClubs.clubList)

Ultimately getting you to “”. If you put this behind a button, the client will be brought to the customer login in page and end up on the Club List after log in.

Be careful not to delete or change Marketing URL’s, Redirect links or ‘Keywords’. It will take many days to correct it.

Hope this helps!

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hi there,

Appreciate the response. I’m actually looking to redirect the customer after clicking on the standard login at the top of the page. Once they login, then redirect to a custom page. This is what i did. I had to edit the scripts.js with this:

(document).ready(function(){ (’#v65-login’).find(’[name=“referrerQueryString”]’).attr(‘value’, ‘method=pages.showPage&pageID=1815A8BF-A1DC-A750-402D-AA2A04F6186C’);
$(’#user-tools’).find(’[v65js=“modalLoginLink”]’).attr(‘referrerQueryString’, ‘method=pages.showPage&pageID=1815A8BF-A1DC-A750-402D-AA2A04F6186C’);

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