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Sub Sku or Category? Help!

I am curious to know the most efficient way to order and maintain inventory for a certain food item. For example, we have flat bread pizzas available in our tasting room. Currently we have 6. Is it possible to have 1 “pizza” button, then a “pull down” to indicate which pizza is needed? I would like the command to call for the actual item to be printed and sent to the kitchen as well as the correct inventory debit for the specific pizza. I feel like I have done this in the past with specific sizes of T-Shirts…

We had a similar issue with our food service - for instance, our burger can come with fries or a side salad. Not to mention all the permutations of “no cheese”, “lettuce bun”, “plain”, etc.

We used sub-skus for that, and while not ideal, they have worked well enough. One caveat, we only did one special request per sub sku, so a burger must be entered either as “not sauce” or “lettuce bun”, not both. For more complicated orders, we added a “SEE SERVER” sub sku which has been invaluable.

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