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Where to change the light blue color

On invoices and emails to be sent out.

I realized that I never finished out and launched our new “cart” for the web. I see where I can change the color of the primary button, but is there a place to change the light blue color?


I also don’t like the logo file that I uploaded for this. Is there a place to change this file? I thought that I could save it, but later go back and change it.

Settings > Templates > (choose your email) > Edit Source HTML > Profit

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Hi @TexasGrapes1 the light blue color can be changed in the HTML. If you go to Settings > Templates > find your email templates, theres one with the name “success” in it that has a blue bar, and there’s one with “error” in the name that has a pale yellow bar. When you go in to edit the template, down at the bottom of the page is an HTML Output section where you can edit the code.

Typically you shouldn’t edit this unless you know what you are looking for and know how to edit HTML. If you give out the hex# (the color you’d like to use to replace the light blue and yellow) either myself or WD Support could put this color in for you. Same with the logo - the logo is fairly easy to update on your email document from this template edit area. But be careful with this section - you don’t want to break your email documents’ appearance.

Thank you.

Let me explain better.

The main time that I am not happy with the color (call me too picky) is in the checkout on the web site. In Settings> Web Editor > checkout, it allows me to change “main button color”. I did that to make the button match the other buttons by color with the rest of my site cart.

But I when I look at the “style preview”, I see a light blue and dark blue font color for the “shipping” and “credit card” buttons. I was wanting to change that color to a very light tint of my button color.

I guess I should just hit “publish” and see what it looks like. Anything would be better than the old checkout that I have never updated. I just didn’t know if I would be able to update it later.

It really doesn’t bother me in the emails. I just thought that there was perhaps some universal setting somewhere.

We can do a lot of adjustments but the buttons that are blue are the one thing that can’t be changed without WD making an adjustment to the checkout tool. I’m not sure if this will change in the future.