Wine Direct API Integration with Wix HELP!

I’ve been trying to look for code examples that shows how to integrate the modal cart and wine shop page on to the wix website I’m trying to build. A great example of a website that does this is

I know I can use remote widgets to show the Winedirect shop page directly but I’d like to connect our shop page on our wix site to the modal cart.

Not sure if this is what you’re looking for, but WD has an example of all the tags here:

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Thank you for the help. Turns out our site associated with winedirect is not hosted by wine direct so we cant use the remote widgets. I’ll have to find another way. :worried:

Good questions!

  1. The Hill Family website is on WordPress, not Wix.

  2. You can use the Remote Widgets on a site not hosted on the WineDirect CMS: Remote Widgets - Modal Cart

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Thank you for the reply. I’m still new to this and figuring things out.
Turns out we can use remote widgets!
Now I’m trying to figure out a DNS issue.