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Anyone using Loyalty Points / reporting on it?

Hi there,

Just curious if any other wineries have started using the Loyalty Points feature, and if so how you’re keeping track of it via reporting.

I’ve started using points here, and have what I believe is a simple need… to find out who in our database has points on their ‘account’. However, it seems there is only one report in the system having anything to do with points (under Contacts // Points Summary), and it looks totally useless. It has almost no filters to choose from other than typing in a specific contact, and if I don’t put anything in it just gives me the entire contact database, most of which have ZERO points. Is it so hard to get a list of contacts who actually have points?

I called support and wasn’t reallyy helped… Instead they suggested I reach out to the community. So here I am. Can anyone help?

Thanks in advance…

Cheers! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi Aaron,

Thanks for reaching out here, when you run the Points Summary report from the contacts section of reports, after exporting the file, if you filter your columns, you should be able to filter out all rows that show 0 in the Total Points Accumulated Column. Doing this will allow you to see only those contacts/members that have earned loyalty points.

Here is a recording demonstrating how to filter the report to only display contacts that have accrued loyalty points.



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Hi Aaron,

Have you tried exporting the data and throwing it into an Excel pivot table?


We are not at this time but I have just started investigating. What kind of rewards are you giving?

We are using loyalty points. I am the accountant with the company, and need more details about the reporting. Tyler mentions a report which shows the current status and (presumably) lifetime summary for customers who have loyalty points. That is a nice report showing points earned, points redeemed, and current balance.

However, there is missing critical information. Right now, I am putting together numbers for December. I need to know the beginning points balance, points earned in December, points redeemed in December, and the ending points balance. Where are those numbers, and where is that report?

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