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Bundled SKU Upgrade Options

Hello all!

We’re finalizing our holiday gift boxes, we have a number of bundled SKUs that we’ll offer with a gift box and shipping etc… we would like to have the opportunity for people to select to upgrade to a wooden gift box for an additional $$. The problem comes with fulfillment having two gift boxes in the order (the normal one and the wooden one). Does anyone know a way around this so it’s easy for the customer to add the item to their order and for us to execute? Don’t mind having to make the adjustment to the order before it flows to fulfillment but not sure how to stop that flow through, or if there is an easier way that I haven’t thought of yet. Thanks!


One workaround on the front end would be to make 2 of each bundle at differing prices, with differing boxes, one being $x more. Or possibly the boxes aren’t part of the bundle, but you offer a free box and an even nicer one that can be added. (but surely people would buy it without any box, which may or may not be a problem). You could also explore using one click offers which make it easier to adjust the order’s line items, but I don’t think they’d be smart enough to notice two boxes (if upgrading) and then removing the original.