Can I create a custom report by picking up columns of my choice?

I don’t wish to base my report on the selection of default reports. I want to customize and create one with columns that I need from different tables.

Hi @deepak.chhabra - unfortunately, you are not able to pick and choose columns from different report types and combine them into one as you describe. Each report type come with a set of default reports and those are the only columns available to generate. You are able to pick and choose which columns to display if the columns are all available in the same report type.

In general, our Order Detail Report is our most comprehensive sales report and should have most of the columns available on other reports. I’m not sure of your exact use case but if you are looking to create a custom sales report, it can usually be done by manipulating the filters and columns on an Order Detail Report.

We also encourage you to submit a Feature Request to our product team to add on this ability to combine columns from different report types here:

Thanks for your feedback and sorry for the current limitations

Hey @carisen thanks for your input on this. Solves the purpose for now.