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I’ve been asked to provide reports and I can’t find the sort of reports in provided lists, nor can I easily see reports in the forums.

Examples of the reports:

Top 10 customers by for product x (Select top 10 firstname, lastname, address, from customers inner join sales where sales.product = "wine type" and date between 1/1 and 31/12 sort by sales. desc).

Top 10 customers by case or bottle or type for a year
top #x customers by location
customers who make most purchases (eg, how many buy a single bottle vs a case).

We’re really trying to understand our data and our customers.

A lot of these things require you to spit out the raw table and perform operations in excel to get your summary.

For your first report do an Order Detail and filter on the SKU or SKUs you want. Then do a pivot table by customer summing up the sales for each. Then sort by sales.

Pivot table is a scary term, but they are easy. Find a tutorial online, then play with it on your own data.

I dare even say that pivot tables are… fun.


I was just hoping the “Reporting” tool was just that. It appears it is little more than a glorified data dump.

Yes. I know excel well. Sometimes the word “fun” can be applied. I had assumed the answer and already created a pivot table. Is just not that clean.

I’m thinking the easiest thing for me to do is write an Access DB that can import from a detailed csv export and then write some reports there. I would then only need to train the staff to push the buttons.

Excel is good, but Access is way better at querying data.

Thanks for confirming


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