Club Member Duplicates - How to process/merge

We sent out an email to our club members to login and select their user choice club. A few members created a new account instead of logging in to their existing account, so I have some duplicate memberships. A few of them all the data (credit card, address etc) are all the same, but a few have new credit cards. How would you handle this? For those that created an exact duplicate account, do I just switch the wine choices to the old account and delete the new one? What about those with the new credit card? I don’t want to have these duplicates and loose the tracking of LTV and most of all I don’t want to charge them twice.

Also, what instructions do you give your user choice club to select their wines? Maybe our instructions are lacking which is causing them to create duplicate accounts.

I have had this happen to me several times.

For duplicate you can just merge their accounts. Just make sure when you are merging them that you merge to the account with the most recent info. I would double check that it doesn’t add at second club membership to their account though. Merging accounts maintains purchase history from both.

If someone has just created a second membership on their account you can just go in and delete the second membership (this happens to me at least several times per shipment). Before deleting the extra membership I check to see if they have made changes to the wines in either of the membership and then use those wines for the selections.

If you want I can send you the email I send out to members. It’s a bit long (I try to condense it a bit each time I send it out), but I think it is pretty straight forward.

This is becoming a very time consuming bug and we have an open support ticket. Let’s hope it is addressed prior to the holidays!

This has happened significantly every time I do a user choice club processing. Everytime my instructions are clearer and yet, I get the duplicate club memberships. I have had many support tickets in over the last year. I can tell you I have drilled down to determine the cause. Because the user list is displayed on the Club Page as well as the CLUB LIST account page (which is the only place they should be directed) members go there, ignoring my instructions. I can’t blame them. That seems intuitive. I’m a club member, login and go to the club page. There the software allows them to also make changes to the user list and then, if logged in, duplicates a membership. If not logged in, it asks them to register and then they get a whole new account. The club list choices should not be visible to the public, only registered buyers. I will add a feature request and I hope you all applaud it. Once we get over 500 members, this will be unmanageable and we will have no choice (ironic) than to choose another software.