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ContentBlock above the copyright line

Hello! I’m a Wordpress designer totally new to Winedirect.

I want to add a line of default text right above the copyright line in the footer.
I created a Template and a ContentBlock with default html text.
Placed this on page.htm <v65:contentBlock group=“WW Footer”></v65:contentBlock> but it’s not working.

I’ve read the documentation a thousand times and don’t know what I am missing.

Help please!

Hi Paula,

I’ll assume that the page.htm layout file been uploaded to the WineDirect server and parsed within the designer launch settings in the admin panel.

Is the content block setup as ‘related to pages’? If this is checked off a content block can be applied to display on only certain pages. Maybe the default content block isn’t assigned to anything within the content editor. I’d suggest turning this off, if the content block is intended to be global.

Also, changing the footer in page.htm file is only applied to a portion of a website within a WineDirect template. You may have seen that there’s home.htm, member.htm, cart.htm plus others. You’ll want to edit the footer within those layouts as well.

Shoot a message to, if you need more help.


Thanks for your response James. Following up via email.