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Cannot save changes to pages

Hi everyone, I’m new to WineDirect but very familiar with other content management systems. When updating simple things on some of our WineDirect’s default pages like the Privacy Policy, I can make edits but they do not appear to save, as the pages always revert back to the default content. Also, there does not seem to be a ‘Save’ button in the editor?

I’ve also tried experimenting with making changes to page properties to make pages inactive (i.e., “About This Template”) and when I click "Apply Properties, the defaults always seem to revert back.

Can anyone offer an explanation as to what I may be missing here? The editor should be so intuitive, but none of my changes are sticking. Thanks for your time!

If you change Page Properties, after you click Apply… you must also click Save Page in the lower right corner.

If you go into Page Properties and make an edit on one tab, and then go to another tab to make another edit, amazingly the first edit will be lost. So make your first edit, Apply then Save, then go back and do the next, then Apply then Save.

You do have a Save Page in the lower right corner, right?

Ah hah! Thanks for your screenshot. Seems my page zoom level in Safari was cropping that button out of view, but I see it now. Issue solved. I greatly appreciate your responsiveness.

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You caught me on a coffee break. :smiley: