Page templates getting "stuck"

I think this is probs a question for @Andrea :slight_smile:

Occasionally when I’m designing I’ll switch one of Wine Direct’s “main” templates (Homepage, Product List, etc.) to a secondary template that I add through the Settings > Website Settings > Content > Layouts. That works as expected.

But then, when I remove that template, the page won’t go back to re-adopting its native template.

For example, if I replace the homepage’s template, which is normally associated with layout Home in Designer Launch, to ‘Home Redesign’ and then delete ‘Home Redesign’ and parse Home, Home won’t reflect the update. To get Home to reflect the update, I have to make a layout and apply it in the Content Editor > Page Properties > Layout.

It’s not a huge deal in the sense that I can work around it, but is there a way to reassociate a page with its original layout?

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Hey @Lindsays_Doing_Wine,

So not ideal, but before removing a custom layout, I recommend going to the page and removing it from the Page Properties first. Otherwise it will occasionally save the selection even after it’s been removed from the dropdown (as you mentioned).

If that doesn’t resolve it, it may just be a caching issue and I’d try adding /index.cfm?reload=1 to the end of the URL to do a bit of a hard refresh.