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Dial back your logout clock

I would like to be persistently logged in, at least as long as my Vin65 seshs last. It seems in this community, there are few actions that don’t log me out.

Luckily I use a password manager.

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Hmm, what browser are you using? The idea is that you’re logged in until you log out, or clear your cookies.

Does anything show up when you get logged out?

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Mostly Chrome. 50.0.2661.86 (64-bit). OS X 10.11.4. I am running Ghostery, but it’s not actively blocking anything.

It just prompts me to log back in.


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Any change if you clear your cookies/cache on your browser?

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Negative, ghost rider.

@EdFarmCollective Could you give me more info on what behaviour you’re seeing?

Are you having to log in every time you visit

Or are you getting logged out after a certain time?

Usually I’ll leave the a Community tab open (so I can come back and troll Lucas), then I’ll go do legitimate work for a little while (5 minutes or a couple of hours) and then come back and click on, say, the Community button in the nav and it logs me out.

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So once you’re logged out of community, do you have to enter your username and password in again to log in? Or, are you simply redirected to being logged in once again?

I have to log in again, but it usually doesn’t redirect me to the login page.

It’s possible that Discourse has a time period after which users are logged out. But we don’t log users out of our Single Sign On server until they do so themselves.

I’ve reached out to Discourse for a comment.