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I have a client that is asking if we can use the eCommerce and Wine Club portions of Vin65 similar to the way Shopify uses the Buy Button? They do not like the Vin65 themes and wanted something a little more custom.


I’m not certain you would be able to do something quite as custom as that buy button, but I’ve seen wineries use Vin65 for ecommerce only.

What I’ve seen is a Vin65 site that looks like the client’s website, and when you click on the “Shop” part of the main website, it takes you to the Vin65 ecommerce site. If done well, it is a fairly seamless transition.


If you run across any examples, please let me know. I’d love to see the integration.


I just did a site for a client that was like this. They actually had someone else do the Wordpress design and it was my job to a) make sure Vin65 looked as much like the Wordpress site as possible, and b) put a few Vin65 widgets on their Wordpress pages to get things like the login, cart, and mailing list signup integrated. It’s at You’ll notice that the Our Wines page as well as the two wine club pages are at, which is the Vin65 site, while the other pages are without the “shop” at the beginning of the URL. First time for me that it has been really useful to know both Vin65 and Wordpress at the same time.


Since your looking for examples, I’ll mention another that uses OrderPort, not Vin65, but is the same “split site” concept. Again, the Wine page is on OrderPort while most of the rest of the site is on Wordpress. If done well, the only way you would ever know they were two different sites would be to look at the url.


@jeff I may contact you online to discuss if you wouldn’t mind working with us.


Sure! Feel free to. Our contact info can be found in our Vin65 certified designer listing.


This can be done! We’ve done this many times before, if you’re still looking for help.


That makes two of us, any updates here? I’m also wondering if it is at all possible to grab embed codes for products/shopping cart from Wine Direct and code them into external CMS systems like Hubspot, Shopify, WordPress, etc.


Hey @TaraG,

The Members’ pages, cart, and checkout always need to be hosted on WineDirect, but we do have what are called ‘remote widgets’ to be able to place the cart dropdown, purchase buttons and/or forms onto an externally hosted site.

For products specifically, there are some scripts that need to placed in the external website files in addition to a piece of code that you insert your product SKU into. Once clicked, the item will be added to the WineDirect cart, but the user can remain on your site until they are ready to check out.

More information is here:


This is exactly what I needed. Thank you @Andrea