Email Receipt Capture Editing Account Names

Hi Guys,
Just a heads up, we are seeing the email address receipt capture function actually EDIT account names. For example - Customer B without an account makes a purchase with a credit card and their name is populated in billing field (by the credit card slide). When prompted for email receipt, customer A’s email address is entered or auto-populates and receipt sent. Order moves to customer A’s account with that email address, and then the account name is changed to customer B. So now next time that customer B comes in and their account is looked up, it will actually be A’s card on file and charged. Trying to reach support now…

Did you get a response on this. I am interested as we are also testing the new feature.

WineDirect is stating that the system is supposed to work this way. I expressed my concern regarding account maintenance actually being edited by this and they suggested a feature request. All a cashier has to do is choose the wrong account out of two with the same name, and the other customers card is used. :frowning_face:

Jacob Powell is going to reach out to you. He is product mgr for new features and I asked him if he knew about this (as we have been testing a new feature relating to customer emails). Hopefully he can resolve it for you - let me know what happens!

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Thank you! I would not let this deter anyone from using it, just be aware and make sure staff can see and correct the accounts.

Hi @Erica, thanks for posting. I’ll reach out shortly to help further troubleshoot after getting up to speed on what our customer support team has covered so far. It doesn’t look like the issues you are describing involve a new feature but we’ll get to the bottom of this for you.