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Capture Email Address during checkout

I’d like to ask customers if they want to be on our email list when they check out via POS. I see there’s a thread on this from a year ago, and it was not yet an option. Has it been added yet?

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Hi Liz,

There isn’t a feature like this yet to my knowledge, but you can add the customer to the mailing list after you place the order. You might already know this but you can do this by pulling them up on the POS after their transaction is finished > go to Manage Contact > in the left hand menu go to Contact Types > and you can check the box “Newsletter”. It’s not ideal but it’s still a semi quick way to sign them up for the mailing list.



And if you can remember to do that every time…

Unless something has changed, a perfectly legal strategy is to just put them on the email list if they give it to you at the time of transaction. You’re allowed to do that. You could also then send an action email as a simple thank you after the transaction and make it clear how they can unsubscribe right then - and of course have the required unsubscribe link in all of your regular mailings.

Generally, if people have had a good experience visiting you they don’t mind hearing from you again, at least for a while. Embrace that!


Absolutely! Almost every business I’ve ever given my email address to has done this.

The important thing with this strategy is to treat unsubscribes seriously. If a customer unsubscribes, they should NEVER get a marketing email again. No exceptions.

For more information about what is legal to do with email marketing (in the US), refer to the CAN-SPAM act guidelines.


Bringing this up again so it can be on WineDirect’s radar. We would love the ability to automatically add people to a contact type when they order wine or join our club through the POS system.

It’s not likely on Wine Direct’s radar. Submit the idea to WineDirect Ideas for future consideration!