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Emails to myself are now soft bouncing

Hello -

I sent a test version of a promo email to myself so I could check all of the links, make sure the images loaded properly, etc. I managed to accidentally mark it as spam, because sometimes email app buttons are a little close together. I went to the spam box and marked it as non-spam, but now all of the emails I send to that address are soft bouncing.

I unsubscribed and resubscribed that email address, and I received the welcome email confirming my subscription, but mass send promo emails are now bouncing back. Is there a way to resolve this, or is yahoo just going to block those emails forever?

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  1. Did you set up SPF records on your domain for Vin65?

  2. Your company email platform, who hosts it (Google Apps, Exchange Online, etc…)

It was set up a long time before I was hired, so I’m not sure. Is there any way to check?

You’re going to want to check in your domain registrar outside of WineDirect. In the DNS settings, you want to make sure there is a TXT record that says v=spf1

An SPF record is a Sender Policy Framework record and is used to indicate to mail exchanges which hosts are authorized to send mail for a domain. So basically, it’s approving WineDirect to send emails using your domain to recipient mailboxes.

I’m thinking that if this record is not set up, your individual email might be blocking this before it gets to your box because it looks like a fake email.

It would also help to know who you guys use for your winery email, as some domains have issues with WineDirect’s SendGrid implementation.

Lastly, @carisenr can you confirm that the SPF record didn’t change after the WineDirect rebranding?

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If anyone was wondering: because I reported the email as spam, even though I immediately marked it as “not spam”, the contact was put onto a spam list that I was not allowed to send emails to. It looks like Wine Direct is only notified of the initial spam report. I had to contact wine direct via through that email address to confirm that I wanted to receive those emails in order to get the block removed.

The last promo email that I sent went into the spam folder, but it didn’t bounce, and I had the chance to open it and mark it as “not spam”, so that’s progress. Ideally I’ll be able to get it into my inbox soon. Considering my business email still likes to filter google analytics updates into my spam box, that may be a little bit more difficult.