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Comcast Emails not receiving Action or System emails

Has anyone been experiencing issues with Club members who have email addresses, not receiving System or Action emails, but they are receiving Event emails?

From what I gather this has to do with Comcast’s spam filter and it not recognizing the action and system emails as legit.

Hey Patrick, that sucks. Out of curiosity, what is your winery’s sending domain name?

Good Morning Ed,

We send from

From what I can gather it is most likely tied to our SPF certificate.

I let you know what I find out.




  1. You should either move your Vin65 SPF record to the DNS that includes or add ~all to the end of the Vin65 SPF record.

  2. Though WineDirect doesn’t support it yet, you should also set up DKIM and DMARC for your company email and any third-party ESPs you may be using.

  3. You may want to use a reputation tool to review your domain. If the score is bad, there may be other factors like historical SPAM or abuse complaints, suspicious contacts in your audience, and so on.

Thanks Ed