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Facebook Ads / Conversions API

We previously were having great success with Facebook Ads. However, after the recent iOS updates, we’ve seen a massive drop in reported sales on Facebook. One common suggestion we’ve received from our marketing partners is to use the Conversions API instead of the browser pixel implementation. Has anyone been able to use the Conversions API instead of pixel implementation with WineDirect?

From what I can tell, using the Facebook Conversion API is superior to the javascript pixel, but does not really solve any of the tracking issues created by ATT. It seems like it is just server-side event management that uses our own site and order data to fill in gaps. The problem is it still can’t adequately track actions in iOS if a user has asked not to be tracked. So attribution still remains an issue. So while Facebook may know which of its users its serving ads to, it can’t fully see how they interact with the ad or fully match them to users that purchase on our site.

I do not believe there is currently any public integration with the Conversions API and you would have to build it yourself. At this point, it might be worth just waiting for the BigCommerce re-platform, as this will be natively supported.

Ultimately, I think Facebook, and its advertising customers, are largely SOL here, which has been confirmed by their earnings report. This would also largely explain Facebook’s push to sell directly through their frontend stores, so they can better measure attribution. Unfortunately, alcohol sales are currently prohibited.

TLDR; If you want to use the Conversions API, you’ll have to build it yourself or wait. Even then, it doesn’t really solve the attribution issues associated with Apple’s ATT.