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Facebook Pixel Implementation

I am trying to implement the facebook pixel on the website for remarketing purposes. Has anyone had any luck installing the pixel along with standard event codes such “add to cart” and “purchase” events including the value of the purchase?

Would love to hear of someone doing this as I can’t find information on Vin65 otherwise

I have a colleague that has done this recently

I’ve tried to ask VIN65 about this multiple times and it has been super hard to get clear answers on it. Their online documentation has nothing on it and I can’t find anything about it anywhere on the internet. As far as I can tell, only the standard pixel script can be installed on the whole site. I don’t think you can send back purchase and add to cart events through the pixel such as like a shopify platform.

Was he able to get all the standard events working? It’s been near impossible trying to ask VIN65 if this is possible. As far as I can see you can only do the standard FB Pixel script on every page

Hey VIN65 - care to comment on this topic?

Seriously. Multiple people are asking on your forum. Would be nice to hear something back.

thank you

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So I have not done this yet but I’ve had two thoughts.

Again I have not tested either of these, but people like @DanPendergast could answer if this is a good or bad idea.

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I’ve asked for this before and I’ve only been able to add the basic Facebook Pixel tracking on Vin65 websites. If you’re looking for additional events for ‘AddToCart’, ‘InitiateCheckout’, ‘Purchase’ they won’t work without Vin65 creating a further integration. Maybe this has changed recently and I missed the feature update, but I sent a feature request anyways.

To get the basics working, a pixel can be inserted by a developer onto every .htm page layout, OR without needing FTP access, insert the pixel code in website settings under settings > website settings > Custom Javascript.

Also, the tracking only works on the current Vin65 ecommerce platform. If you’re running Vin65’s ‘new cart’ there isn’t any pixel tracking available in the checkout, but that will hopefully change.


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Thanks for the follow up! Yeah the custom script is how I put Drift onto our site, works like a charm.

I recently added some JS code to the website settings area. Note that all the code was added to the bottom of the page just above the < /body > tags, and not to the < head > tags. Facebook pixel and Google Analytics require their JS specific scripts to be placed within the < head >< /head > tags to work. I also contacted WineDirect to ask for help. I was told to log into the FTP, however I am unable to download the .inc files I need (permissions). It’s like going around in circles. Seems like they want you to just pay the $499 for the social media integration tool!

Be nice if you could elaborate a little more on your comment please.

I know the thread is a little old, but if anyone is still interested in having the Facebook pixel added to their site and utilizing a majority of the standard events including purchase and add to cart, feel free to email for more information

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Hi All… just an update. I added the FBQ# under website settings> Analytics and the FBQ code into global settings. and I started seeing traffic in FB Ads manager.
I will launch my ads tomorrow and if there is an update I will be happy to update here.