Flag notes and messages

We are finding ourselves using Flag notes more and more, because they make themselves noticed. So I’m learning so new things:

  1. The POS will only show you two Flags on the main screen. It will show your Flag notes before any automatically generated decline Flag and/or expired Flag. This is true independent of Flag date.

  2. So if you have two Flag notes then you won’t see the decline Flags.

  3. If you drill into the contact you will see all Flags, not just two.

  4. Your Flag notes can be any length and it will still show two Flags.

I still wish I could pick a different color than white on yellow…


Thank you. This information is helpful.

I see what you are saying, but would you say also that only the subject line shows on the flag, right? Any info put into the lower box doesn’t show.

No, it all shows. If you put in a long note you’ll get the whole thing including the lower box.

The white type on yellow is extremely hard to read. Can Wine Direct change it to black type on yellow, or white on blue? Thank you.

Hi @user53 - thanks for your feedback! I encourage you to share this idea on our Ideas Forum (https://ideas.winedirect.com) to be reviewed by our Product Team