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Turning off "Club Notes"

Howdy. Anyone know if it’s possible to turn off the “Club Notes” section (specifically for Members joining online)?

Not that I know of, but I go through and run a report before every club run. I find any club notes and clear them out.

Club notes has to be the single most useless feature in Vin65 currently. I still haven’t seen a good use case for it!


@rmcguire Clearing the Club notes out each Club run is a great idea! Thank you! They’re so annoying, aren’t they? I dislike how the customer can edit & view them, but also they show up as order notes when batch billing. Anywho, thanks for the idea - Ima run with it! :smiley:

The kick in the pants to get me to do this was a few customers who tried to cancel using the club notes. Two weeks later they got a shipment and the receipt email had “please cancel my membership” in the order notes section. Not a great experience! :man_facepalming:

@rmcguire Ditto! I’ve ran into that too! Or “make my shipment _____”. Oy vey :woman_facepalming:t3:

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I’d like to have notes that

  • Showed up in reports, and
  • Weren’t viewable or editable by the customer.

Hi everyone and thanks for the feedback!

The current functionality for club notes is it will be stored per Club Membership and all orders processed for that Club Membership will have the Notes added under Order Notes. These club notes are also editable by the customer. They are for information that repeats each shipment like “add special pamphlet” or “package in special box” something along those lines. Anytime a custom message needs to be included in all orders processed by this particular Club Membership.

From reading the discussion, the two major takeaways:

  1. Since it’s mostly internal information regarding the package, you prefer the Notes to NOT display on Invoices.
  2. These notes should NOT be Editable because they are mostly internal notes and some clients misuse the Club Notes as a way to communicate with the Wine Club Manager.

Am I accurately summarizing the pain points on this feature? Would love to hear your thoughts or any additional feedback would be great as well!


Perfect! Plus, 3. The customer can’t see them?


My thoughts are that:

  • Club Notes should not be editable by the customer. It’s not an effective way for customers to communicate with club managers

  • Club Notes should be viewable by the customer and appear on invoices. They offer additional information/instruction to staff handling the orders and often contain information that is reassuring to the customer.

  • For general website orders, I do think that a space for notes that the customer can enter remains useful.


How about order notes? These are written by the customer for the winery and they show up on invoices and packing lists. If a customer is gifting product, we cannot add the packing list with the package because it has an order particular to the winery. I have to white -it-out so gift recipient doesn’t see it. WD says they can’t remove it from the packing list.


The Order Notes are generally used for instructions for the winery regarding shipping/packaging. For regular orders, this works well since the customer will want to see the Notes. These notes display on packing slips as they offer instructions to staff handling the orders. However, in gifting scenarios, I can see how some Notes would look awkward if seen by the Gift Recipient.

I think the challenge here is Order Notes are useful for your fulfillment staff but need to be hidden in Gifting scenarios. Are you looking for a way to remove Order Notes from only certain Packing Slips? Or all packing slips? Do you mind elaborating on how you pack up your shipments?

We pack them all ourselves. Print the packing slips, pack the box, throw list in the box and ship label it from fedex printed labels. Yes, can we remove them for gifts? That would be great

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We would love to have the ability to turn off the customer edits on the club notes as well. We find them to be very helpful internally, but we end up having to clear 00+ notes each club run.

We use Club Notes for some very important purposes to hang up orders in fulfillment with special ship instructions or double check settings on the order. They are used completely internally and it would be great if the member was NOT able to edit or add to them. We control whether they print on invoices by removing before shipping or leaving them on.

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I agree, very useful feature for additional important instructions about shipping or other specifics to that customer, and are almost always only needed internally, except in times when it can be reassuring to the customer that we are aware of their special circumstance.

Wine Direct: Any traction on removing and/or fixing this feature?

Any advice on How To delete multiple Club Notes at once? I have some old notes that I do not want on there for this next shipment.
Please let me know if there is a way to delete multiple notes at once.

Thank you.

Not one that I know of, myself. You can run a report of all of your clubs so that you can at least see all of the club notes at once and do a sweep. I usually do this every club run or two.