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Single Event Page

Is it possible to access a single event with a unique URL? We’d like to promote just a single event and only send visitors to that one. Do events have their own page?

Yes, at the bottom of the event setup screen in content editor, you should see the link and marketing URL section. That link leads the clicker directly to this one event.

Unfortunately, you can’t have event ticket products on the event landing page without having to code your own buttons.

Thank you @tsartoris. I’m not sure how I overlooked the marketing URL at the bottom.

Do you happen to know if there’s a way to keep the pretty marketing URL in the browser’s location bar?

Thanks again!

On the sites I work with, as long as you use the marketing URL as the thing that links to it, it will stay that way in the browser’s address bar. e.g. . If I’m pointing to it from an email, it might append other details to the end like: …/this-wonderful-event?utm_campaign=blahblahblah&utm_medium=blah . (which I did on purpose!).

Maybe you have a marketing URL in CONTENT EDITOR / MARKETING URLs that is redirecting it to something else? Like it’s sending it instead to: If so, I think you can change that marketing URL option to “No. Show “Marketing URL” in Link Bar.” instead of redirect.

Maybe I’m misunderstanding your question. Whenever I link to an event using the marketing URL, that is what stays in the browser, and I’m not having to do anything special to make that happen.