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Ideas on an Online Auction?

Has anybody ever done a web-only silent wine auction with WineDirect? I have a vintools demo site so I am equipped only with the WD tools and whatever reliable method for taking bids can be created using that. Hoping to run each auction for around one week.

I could create forms to accept bids for each item, but I think that will require me to manually change the pricing and I worry that as each auction comes to the end I can’t keep updating products or the webpages with up to the minute pricing and info.

There are online auction sites, which could work but I imagine people don’t want to create logins just to bid on something. Ready to be open minded to ideas, mainly concerned with customers seeing the current price with ease. This will be limited to my wine club so I am not so concerned with payments - I can chase that down without issue.

I’m not aware of anything good either built-in to WineDirect or with an integration with WineDirect. I suppose you could do the latter, but it would probably still require you to either use the bidding platform’s processing or do some work manually.