Inventory report that includes Cost/value of Inventory

Is there a report that I haven’t discovered yet that has current inventory with cost/value of inventory? If not, why? I think this a basic question that most companies would be asking.

I know that I have to spend a lot of time once I download the inventory report to manually add the cost per and the total cost. It would be a big time saver.

I agree, but the only way I know how to get at that cost number is a Product Export.

A fast-ish way to get cost added to the inventory report is to copy the Export into a second tab, copy the SKU into a new column A, and use the VLOOKUP() function with the Export data as your lookup table.

Yes, Inventory Summary report has cost of goods and total value in it. Go to manage report columns and click cost of goods and inventory value.
Keep in mind with this report you can not tell it what date you are looking for it pulls from the beginning of the year until the moment you pull the report.
The inventory summary report can be found under reports than click on product.
Hope that helps

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Thank You! I have been looking for an inventory report with cost for so long I had pretty much given up but, I just couldn’t imagine there not being such a basic report. Thanks again!

You are more than welcome