Invoice Generated QR Code

Has there been any thought to having an auto-generated QR Code based on the invoice that will take the customer to the product information based on the Wine Direct product details? This could also include the recipes / food pairings / wine writer reviews that we add into the product details as well.

I think this would be a great sustainability measure. We can give our customers more information digitally, it will cut down on costly printing… thoughts?

Would you want this QR code to be delivered in an email or a packing slip in the shipment?

Ed, on the packing slip, would be awesome but as well in the auto-generated invoice that is emailed to the customer. I think that would be slick, as we want to get away from printing things. The more digital content we can make the better.

Do you self-fulfill or use a fulfillment partner?

For the email invoice, would direct links not be more efficient than QR codes?

Ed, We self fulfill.

I’m terms of direct links, what do you mean?

Alexander Russo
Direct to Consumer Manager
Interior/ Okanagan Accounts
Le Vieux Pin and LaStella Winery


I mean, if you are going to email somebody something, I’d think it would be better to send them direct hyperlinks to whatever you want to show them rather than a QR code they will have to scan.

Can Wine Direct auto-create these based on the order that has been placed though?

Not really, but if you were going to propose a feature, I think the links would work better.