iOS12 Release

iOS 12 comes out on Monday and somehow one of our devices will be updated inadvertently. Has anyone seen any guidance?

Hi @geoff - WineDirect’s software has been tested with iOS 12 and should run smoothly once you update. Updating to iOS 12 is at your discretion. You can check your Apple settings to see if you have your device set to auto update, which is the only way it would update automatically. Cheers!

I think what @geoff means is that Apple is devious in getting you to update. It’s far too easy for staff to “inadvertently” tap the wrong place at the wrong time and trigger an update. Thus we are very interested in knowing that new iOS versions won’t break the POS…

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Exactly what always seems to happen. I haven’t had time to check but I bet at least 1 of our 4 iPads has been updated!

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Ah, I see! Well, in any case - you should be good to go with the update as far as the POS goes.