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POS Glitching

We have had consistent glitches with our POS the last few weeks and it seems to always happen when we are busy. Often when trying to check someone out or enter an order it will freeze. Has this been happening to anyone else? All other systems work fine on the ipads so I dont think it is WIFi.

Yes , we have had this happening for a week. Not working at all at the end of today Saturday the 21st. Reached out to support, last week , they mentioned servers and switching these on their end as well as maintenance. Now our admin does not work completely shut down!!! this happened before I would say a year ago maybe less.

Hi @ben1 & @pascale , if you haven’t already, can you please email with this so that they can log and explore this issue for you? Especially if these issues have persisted outside of the POS service disruption on Saturday, 8/21. Thanks!

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This happened to us on this day as well. Our staff had to manually write all the information needed from our guest (cc#, products, etc), then they had to enter it into WD later that night and it made for an extremely long and frustrating day. Let us know if you ever find a back up plan when you can not make sales on a busy Saturday.

@pascale & @ben1 this is not the first time it has happened to us. We started with wine direct the beginning of this year and the system completely going down for us it started in June and has not gotten better since (we had only been with WD for about 4 months the first time our system completely shut down on a Saturday). It has happened multiple times and we are looking for what other wineries do for their back up plan at this time as we have tried everything. We receive multiple 503 or 504 error codes throughout the day and we reach out to support with no real answer so hopefully with more companies having the same issues it will help them to figure this out!