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I may be overlooking something obvious, but how do you opt-in subscribers who sign up for your newsletter through a sign-up sheet at an offsite event? When we go to festivals and markets we put out a notebook to allow people to sign up for our newsletter. Importing these names into WineDirect is simple enough as is adding them to the newsletter contact type. What I cannot figure out is how to mark them as “opt-in”. The only thing that I can think to do is send them a link to a form on our website to submit with the opt-in button. However, this seems redundant to the customer, as they have already provided this information.
Any suggestions?

I usually enter in their email into the opt in on our website myself, since they’ve already agreed to be opted in.

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I do the same. It takes twice as long and it’s incredibly dull but it works, and it means they’re sent the follow up email that lets them confirm so they may be marked as double opt in when they click confirm.

Thanks for your input. I thought about doing that as well. I was just hoping there was a quicker way of doing it. But that is better than routing them to another form to fill out. At least you’re not asking more from the customer.