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Newsletter Opt-In


I’m trying to create a newsletter opt in where once the user signs up they can check which notifications they would like to receive. IE; Newsletter, Events, Promos

Is there a way to do this?

First, go to Contacts > Contact Type > Add Contact Type > Create 3 contact types: Newsletter, Events and Promo. You will also want to set it to Is Public: Yes

Then, you can create a Form for clients to sign up for this newsletter. The form should be marked “Is Tied to Contact” and check the “Newsletter”, “Events” and “Promo” Contact Types in General Information.

Now, whenever a Contact fills in the form and submits, they will be automatically added to “Newsletter”, “Events” and “Promo”. If that Contact goes to the Member Pages on your website, since the Contact Types have been made Public, they will display on the bottom of the page. There will be check boxes besides each Contact Types and the customer will be able to uncheck the boxes to remove themselves from that Contact Type (effectively removing them from receiving those emails)

Hope this helps!

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This helps so much. Thank you
My one question is: When they go to “Member Pages” where do they find this. (You can look at our website if that is necessary: I just want to make sure that anyone can find these easily to subscribe or unsubscribe without being a wine club member.

Thank you!

Follow up Question… do you have any suggestions of what type of contacts we should have? I’m jumping into a winery mid-stage, and we have 33 “contact types”. The way I see it, we should have only as many types as differentiated emails we want to send (IE, Wine Club could be one unless we send different emails to our 12 bottle and 6 bottle clubs). Any insight on this?

@melissa - the “Member Pages” can be accessed when someone clicks on Your Account (top right hand corner of the page) and logs in. If they have already logged in, it will say “Hello, Name”.

In regards to the many contact types you currently have, we would recommend leaving them as is. Contact Types are just a way to classify a group of contacts into a category. They can be used for many different purposes other than determining which emails to send where. We would recommend taking a closer look at how these contact types are being used in your operations currently before removing/deleting them.

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