Porting Re-design from html to vin65

I’ve designed my new website in the sandbox, and as I’m FTPing all the files, it won’t let me erase the old “index.cfm” or “application.cfc”, so my new pages won’t show up! PLEASE HELP!

Only WineDirect can touch CFC and CFM files

Porting a redesign involves a lot of manual content copying

Check out https://documentation.vin65.com/Designer-Launch/Porting-a-Redesign

@JaredS is correct, there is a lot of manual copying involved. You’ll copy over all the template files in your v65html folder as well as your css and javascript from the assets folder. If you created pods or content blocks in your design, you’ll need to manually recreate those on the live site, since there is no easy way to import them. For content blocks, that means recreating both the templates and the content blocks themselves.

After copying the templates from the v65html folder, don’t forget you’ll have to parse them from the Designer Launch section of the admin panel. Since you already created the site in the sandbox, I’m going to assume that you know how to do this, though there is good documentation in the Designer Launch section if you need it.

Good luck! Feel free to repost any other questions or you can send me a PM. Happy to help.

Just checking to see if auto export/import of content, content blocks etc. is in the pipeline?